TS Classics & Automotive - Professional Classic Car Restoration Experts in San Ramon

Welcome to TS Classics & Automotive. We are our family owned and operated repair shop, friendly customer service is a priority.

We are fully equipped to handle all of your vehicle’s needs, including general maintenance, inspections, diagnostics, repairs, and much more! Our professional technicians perform all major maintenance services comparable to and often exceeding dealer repair performance, such as diagnostics, standard small and large services, and more.

Oil Change

Regular oil changes help to keep your engine clean. Waiting too long between your regular oil changes lead to dirt and sludge build up that can affect the internal health of your engine.

Check Engine Light

TS Classics & Automotive has the tools necessary to diagnose and repair whatever issue may be causing this little light in your dashboard to come on.

Transmission Repair

If your vehicle needs regular transmission service or even a complete transmission repair or replacement, come into TS Classics & Automotive and see what we can do for you.

Brakes Repair

Replacing fluids, filters, and parts such as brake pads at the recommended intervals protect your vehicle and minimizes costly repairs.